deep thoughts

two things about me before i start:

1. i’m a Christian.

2. i’m a conservative.

i’m sure some people will read those first two things and immediately tune out, but i really want to voice my thoughts on the subjects of homosexuality and marriage equality, and hope that others will listen with an open heart and mind. also, i am not looking to get in a debate with anyone over this, just wanting to get my thoughts out.

i don’t know about you, but yesterday, facebook was a total joy kill for me….and sadly, it appears that today my news feed will be filled with more of the same. it makes my heart hurt to read hateful comments, or see those who should stand up for their beliefs, turn away from them. since everyone else is putting their two cents in on the subject of marriage equality, i’m going to do the same. please note that i am not writing this to offend anyone, but i am speaking from my heart.

so let’s start with homosexuality. as a Christ follower, i believe the Bible 100%. if it were written for me to pick and choose what parts i wanted to believe and what parts i didn’t, then it would ultimately have zero value. i always hear people say that being gay is a sin. but i don’t think that it is. that’s like saying being straight is a sin. it’s just kind of silly. the act of homosexuality is where the sin comes in, just as the act of a heterosexual couple having sex outside of marriage is a sin. i know some Christians choose not to believe that having sex before marriage is a sin, but it is. end of story. { many believe that it is out-dated, but i have seen far too many relationships torn apart because of this, which makes me think that maybe God knew what he was talking about when he told us to wait until marriage. } i also believe that everyone has that “sin that does them in”. you know what i’m talking about, right? for me, it’s gossip. you see, i was born into a family of gossips, and i’m pretty certain that i was a fluent gossip by the age of 2. let me tell you, controlling my tongue and choosing not to talk about someone is so hard for me. it’s a major struggle every day. but here’s the thing….i am truly sorry after i gossip about someone. i feel like a terrible person. i get that yucky feeling in my stomach, and i think girl, you sure blew that. but then, i pray for forgiveness. i swear to myself that i’m going to do better next time, and i try harder. you see, there’s a difference in living in sin with no remorse or feeling of guilt when you commit that same sin over and over, and committing a sin, but repenting, and truly feeling sorry. all sins are equal in God’s eyes, so none of us can judge another because we are all flawed and sinful. end of discussion. { this is just a side note, but it drives me nuts when people start throwing out old testament sins, in defense of their argument. luckily, Jesus came, and we are no longer bound by those laws, so please stop quoting old testament scripture in your arguments!!! }

that brings us to marriage. my views on marriage are a little different than most. marriage is defined as a covenant between a man, a woman, and God. now before you start getting angry with me, please listen to this next part. i only believe that a man and woman can enter into a marriage if they are Christians and understand that God is the head of their marriage. so what does that mean for the other men and women who don’t believe in God? well, in my opinion, when they get “married”, they are actually just entering into a civil union. i dislike the term marriage for them because they aren’t entering into marriage as it was designed. i also dislike the fact that in our society, marriage is just defined as a man and woman coming together, but i think it is so much more than that. so where do i stand on gay marriage? well, i believe that homosexuals are entitled to enter into a civil union, just as these men and women who don’t believe in God are. i don’t believe it should be called marriage, but a civil union, and i think that if you choose to spend your life with someone, then you deserve to have the rights that men and women who are married, get to have. from a Christian stand point, i think some people get upset because of the use of the term marriage for homosexuals, but they should be equally upset about the term being used for heterosexuals who aren’t believers. also, as a conservative, i believe in state’s rights, which means that each state is left to decide whether or not they want to allow gay marriage. if the people vote against it, then it needs to be accepted. i mean, hey. i didn’t even get a vote on this new mandatory healthcare that’s going to force me to spend money that i don’t have starting next year. in the same way, states should Constitutionally be allowed to decide these things on their own, not have them crammed down their throats. { whew. sorry for that little rant. totally different topic. }

it is not my place to judge another, but it is my place to correct in love, just as i would want others to do for me when they catch me slipping. this is hard for me because i don’t want to hurt the feelings of those that i love, but i hope to gain the strength to begin to do this more in the future. i have friends who are gay, and i love them no matter what. the beauty of it all is that we all sin, and screw up big on a daily basis, but as a Christian, i know that i have this amazing forgiveness, and a God who loves me no matter, and that’s pretty cool.