the piano man

for those who have crazy work hours like my husband and i, sometimes it’s hard to celebrate holidays on the actual date. that was the case with valentines this year. we ended up celebrating last night [ friday ] at the most fun little restaurant and piano bar in downtown buford. one of our friends, glenn trotti, { see my first post hello for more about him } recently started bartending there, so we thought it would be a great place to go. we sat at the bar all night, and had amazing drinks, conversations, and food { i completely threw my paleo diet out the window last night. shhhh. don’t tell my doctor. i ate bread for the first time in months. it was soooooo good with their homemade butter. seriously. the roasted red pepper one is to die for. } anyways, the piano man was set up right behind us, and he kept us entertained until he left. every song we requested, he played. we sang our hearts out, loudly and off-key, of course. i felt like cameron diaz in my best friend’s wedding when she’s singing karaoke. well, maybe not that bad, but pretty close. the music was fabulous. maroon 5, elton john, billy joel, green day, presidents of the united states, lady gaga, adele, and every random artist you could imagine. if we named it, he played it. we had a blast remembering songs from our high school days and just enjoying each other’s company and the atmosphere. so if you’re around buford, ga thursday-saturday evening, you must check out adam’s restaurant and piano bar. they also have a speakeasy downstairs. all of our food was delish, but my favorites were the desserts – we ordered the chocolate mousse and creme brulee. so good.

anyone else want to share their valentines dates?? i’d love to hear about it!!