First I want to say that if you have something ugly or hateful to say regarding this post, please keep it to yourself. That being said, this is what’s been on my mind lately.

Why is it that the church puts so much focus on homosexuality? A sin is a sin. They are all equal in God’s eyes, so why can’t we accept that? I don’t know statistics, but I would guess that a fairly decent percentage of the gay community is made up of non-believers. It seems counter-productive to constantly state our views on homosexuality to people who are unchurched. That would completely turn me away if I weren’t a Christian and make me feel unwelcome. My bigger issue, is that we have real problems in the church, like Christians knowingly living in sin and not being called out for it. Why are they different? A man and woman having sex outside of marriage is the EXACT same sin that we are apparently so against because if we want to be real, being attracted to the same sex and having sex with someone of the same sex are two very different things. The sin is in the act, and it doesn’t matter if you are doing it in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship – it’s the same. What if we put the time and energy that is spent on preaching about how one group of people (who make up a minute percentage of the population) live, and focus that same energy on the people who are already in our church that are committing this same sin in a heterosexual relationship? We are all going to slip up and sin. There’s no way around it. But there is a massive difference in making a mistake or slipping up here and there, and knowingly living in a sinful relationship. It seems that the church could be a whole lot more effective if we start by cleaning up the messes on the inside before we tackle the outside. If I were not a Christian, I would be much more likely to come to a church that can talk about what they are for, and less about what they are against in their public presence. That’s what Sunday morning service and bible study and small groups are for, and I feel like we are terribly failing at actually teaching what is right and wrong in church and small groups for fear that we may hurt someone’s feelings. It’s obviously easier to preach what we are against when it really isn’t personally affecting people in the congregation. Church is messy. We all do stupid things, yet we are so quick to embrace each other, even when we screw up big. Why don’t we preach about that instead? God is love, and He has extended amazing grace to us. Maybe it’s time that we start doing the same to others, especially outside the church. As for the Duck Dynasty drama, I completely agree with what was said. When you read it fully, he was not comparing homosexuality to anything. He was simply stating that the further we get away from the biblical definition of marriage, the more it will lead to other sins. He was blunt. Who cares?! It was for GQ. I’m thinking people who read that magazine, are probably expecting that. While I share his thoughts on the issue, it doesn’t mean that I need to take to Facebook multiple times a day to state it. I think how the situation was handled with A&E is embarrassing and wrong, but I don’t need to post repeatedly about it, either. I have had plenty of discussions about it face to face, which is more ideal anyways. The world we live in is evil, and for us to expect that things will be easy for us as Christians or that we won’t be persecuted is crazy, especially since the bible clearly tells us that we WILL be persecuted for our beliefs! I think our actions will always speak louder and be more effective than our words. Our lives my be the only bible some people read, so why don’t we focus on getting our own crap together, so we can hopefully make an impact in someone else’s life by the way we are living ours. For whatever reason, God has placed this ability for me to have ridiculous empathy for homosexuals, to the point where I cry about it, it keeps me up at night, and it literally makes my heart hurt. I hate seeing people criticized when it’s really not our place. We are to bring the sins of fellow Christians to the light in a loving way, not preach at those who are most likely unchurched. So, that’s my two cents. And welcome to the world of crazy that is constantly going on in my head.


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