hi. things you should know: i have started a blog at least 10 times, but never really gone anywhere with it. so, i’m trying again…mainly because i feel like i’m being called to do this, although i’m not quite sure why…..yet. 🙂

well, to start with, i guess i should tell you a little about myself. i’m { almost } 34, married with two kids, and a small business owner. i love my family and my job. i am completely all over the board when it comes to everything. my pinterest boards are an array of randomness. i would rather stay home curled up in my cozy woolrich blanket reading a book, instead of going out. music and dance are my life. i love helping people and pushing them past their comfort zones, and always appreciate when people do the same for me. i cry during every episode of grey’s anatomy and the biggest loser. serendipity is my all time favorite movie. if i could wear sweatpants everyday, i would. i’m a bit of a smarty pants. i love to cook and bake. i hope to go to school to become a chef when my kids are grown. my day just doesn’t go right if i skip my quiet time/devotional. i drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day. i’m a slob, but ocd at the same time. some things have to be just right, you know??? ummmm, i think that’s pretty much it.

the 5 words that best describe me: blunt, passionate, messy, random, imperfect

the 5 words that best describe me according to my husband: wise, creative, generous, untidy, beautiful

my 5 favorite things: adam levine, alice in wonderland – disney version, pugs, coffee – mainly starbucks, and riley clay designs [ fab store & etsy shop ]

my 5 favorite things according to my husband: sleeping, good food, drinks made by glenn trotti [ amazing bartender ], watching grey’s anatomy, and sleeping  [ i’m not really as big of a bum as he made me sound ]

so i guess that’s about it…..for now. i’d love to know what 5 words best describe you and/or what your 5 fave things are, so leave a comment below. 🙂


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